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Tom Michaud

“I had the good fortune to work with Mike Carey for more than 2 years. During that time, Dr. Carey repeatedly demonstrated a unique gift for getting athletes back to full speed with the quickest possible recovery times. As both a chiropractor and a certified pedorthist, Mike has the skill set necessary to treat the entire person. While many doctors are effective at managing soft tissue injuries, and others are great with orthotics, Mike looks at the whole picture to provide comprehensive, high-quality care that is difficult to find elsewhere. As a lifelong athlete himself, Mike knows the importance of incorporating the latest rehabilitative protocols to ensure long-term recovery from each injury.”

Tom Michaud,DC
Author of Human Locomotion: A Conservative Management of Gait Related Disorders; Injury-Free Running, and Foot Orthoses and Other Forms of Conservative Foot Care.

Doug Stewart

“I have known Mike Carey for 15 years!

He’s thoughtful and honest and in a no-nonsense way will tell you what he can (and can’t) accomplish – And what you need to do yourself! He’s refreshingly old school and substantial in today’s too often appearance-oriented world!

Odds are he WILL be able to help and get you pointed in the right direction!”

Doug Stewart, Ph.D., Biomechanics


“What I like about Mike Carey is his knowledge of the body, professionalism and keen interest in seeing progress. Unlike with other practitioners, I didn’t have to re-explain my chief complaint each session. Each session built upon the one prior.

Mike takes a personal interest in his patients and is happy to explain how his method works and what you can expect to happen over time. Mike is passionate about his work. He attends conferences and other events to stay up to date in his field. He recently applied FDM (Fascial Distortion Model) to his treatment plan and it’s a great addition to his approach! For me, I really liked the idea of working with someone trained in ART (active release technique) AND Chiropractic care.”


Steve Diamond

Steve Diamond

Mike Carey is a superb chiropractor. He stands head and shoulders above his peers in all aspects of his practice. His knowledge, experience, open minded analysis, out of the box thinking process, hands on care, temperament and manner, follow up, and actual results are all exemplary. His office space is professional and conveniently located. I’m a former Naval Officer, lifelong elite athlete, national champion, and a professional sports and fitness trainer. I personally experienced outstanding results from Mike’s care for issues relating to structure, feet, shoulders, and more. I strongly recommend Mike, both personally and professionally to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

Steve Diamond

Mat Herod

I have met with several physical therapists, chiropractors, and physios throughout my career as a soccer player and coach. Dr. Carey is not only the most knowledgeable about the way the body functions from the ground up, but he is also extremely patient and clear in his explanations. He goes out of his way to explain exactly what is going on and why he is doing what he is doing to treat the body’s dysfunctions. I would recommend him to anyone with physical pain or looking to improve their performance as an athlete.

Mat Herod
Former Div. 1 Soccer Player, Coach, and Educator

Kevin McCarey

Good Day – My name is Kevin McCarey, running coach and massage therapist to thousands of San Diego’s sports minded individuals, over the past 30 years. I’ve worked on 150 olympic athletes (presently Meb Keflezighi/Boston Marathon Champion), and would recommend Mike enthusiastically to address their issues.

Mike’s specialty is sports biomechanics of the foot and ankle, so vital to normal function of the lower extremity. My son Eamonn placed his military career on a 6 month hiatus due to ankle weakness. He visited the top specialists in Annapolis, MD with no positive outcome. Mike spent so much extra time analyzing his faulty biomechanics, recommended precise home exercises and applied the correct adjustments. Eamonn is now pain free and back in the fight.

You may have spine issues (example low back pain). Mike goes beyond the normal adjustments and addresses the underlying imbalances. If you or a family member have a nagging injury that never seems to resolve – Mike Carey is your man!

Best Regards,
Kevin M. McCarey H.H.P.

National Certified Massage Therapist
Running Coach