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About Me

About Me

Hi I am Dr. Michael Carey and the founder of Carey Chiropractic Spine & Sport Therapy. Prior to moving to San Diego I practiced in Maine, Massachusetts, and Colorado.

In my childhood and into early adulthood I had played many different sports and enjoyed a very active lifestyle. As I progressed and developed in different sports I had a greater appreciation and understanding on how to move efficiently and effectively (biomechanics) and also a better understanding of sports-related injuries. My own personal injuries had ultimately led me down the path of learning to treat my injuries in a conservative manner. From my lower back problems to my foot related issues I had never succeeded in finding the solution for my own problems even with the assistance of many healthcare professionals. These frustrations and experiences were the catalyst motivating me to become an expert in foot mechanics as well as overall body mechanics. I started making custom orthotics and dealing with foot related issues but I soon realized that some foot issues were really knee/hip/core related issues. My next step (after much research and many interviews) was to learn about the entire body with a chiropractic degree. These individual experiences have been crucial for continuing to develop my skills and expertise as a top level practitioner in my field.

To ensure I am providing the best possible care, I follow a multifaceted learning process in which I constantly review cutting-edge literature and attend seminars on the latest treatment techniques. This approach allows me to remain in the forefront of the most exciting developments in my field.

I provide care for a wide range of athletes, including Olympians, collegiate level athletes, professional athletes, as well as amateurs who are passionate about sports, performance, movement and general well-being. I provide assessment and care for all individuals regardless of whether they are a top level athlete or a non-athletic person seeking a better understanding of your issues.

I have been active in many sports including running, triathlons, basketball, volleyball, soccer, skiing and golf to name a few. I live in San Diego with my children and one not so well behaved dog. I maintain an active lifestyle that includes chasing after three children, a ‘well-behaved’ dog, and a practice devoted to people who strive to live an active and healthy lifestyle.