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Chiropractor York, Dr. Scott GoodMeet Dr. Scott Good

Though Dr. Good initially graduated with a Bachelor in Psychology, he was always interested in health and fitness. While taking some time to re-think his direction, he was dealing with recurrent thoracic pain that he couldn’t seem to manage on his own.

During this time, he decided to visit a chiropractor for care, and while the biomechanics of his body were improving, his thoracic issue was not. Ultimately, Dr. Good had to have surgery to manage his illness, but once it was cleared up, the benefits of his chiropractic adjustments improved tenfold.

From here on out, Dr. Good wanted to pursue chiropractic and help others express their true health potential just as he was able to.

Dr. Good's practice logoGetting the Most Out of Life

Dr. Good also attended the renowned Life University alongside Dr. Carey, graduating together. Dr. Good very much enjoyed his time there, and felt fortunate to have been introduced to so many different techniques and opportunities that allowed him to become the doctor he wanted to be.

While in school, his proudest moment was learning to do things the right, honest way. He truly loves helping his patients each and every day, and always looks out for their own best interest as if it were his own.

Outside of the Practice

When he isn’t seeing patients at Carey Chiropractic, Dr. Good enjoys spending time with his wife and son. Dr. Good is a Desert Storm Veteran who, like Dr. Carey, enjoys working out and keeping fit. In fact, Dr. Carey adjusts him regularly!

Get to know more about Dr. Good when you visit us for your first appointment.

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