Welcome to Carey Chiropractic

Our goal at Carey Chiropractic is to positively influence the health and well-being of our patients by listening to their concerns and guiding them on their journey toward optimum health. We primarily focus on chiropractic care and whole food/herbal nutritional therapy, but we also offer massage services and stock a variety of orthopedic products. We are one of the few chiropractic offices in York County that carries Standard Process whole food supplements.

What We Do:

Chiropractic: A system of healthcare based on the relationship between the structures of the spinal column and the function of the nervous system in the human body.

Dr. Sean Carey uses a full spinal adjusting technique that alleviates pinched nerves caused by misaligned vertebrae. He also treats inflamed joints, such as knees and shoulders, and his adjustments relieve annoying pain and pressure caused by TMJ and carpal tunnel syndrome, among other conditions. For the elderly, children, or anyone timid about receiving a chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Carey uses manual traction and adjusts the patient with a less-forceful activator method.

Nutrition: All the processes involved in the taking in and utilization of food substances by which growth, repair and maintenance of activities in the body as a whole or in any of its parts are accomplished.

A nutritional consultation is offered to all patients interested in finding the right whole food supplements for their bodies. This nutritional therapy serves in speeding the healing process and works in conjunction with chiropractic care. It has shown tremendous benefit in terms of boosting energy, alleviating pain and restoring health to the body.